Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Hard At Work

Not only did my new tripod arrive today, but I also found a nifty little software program to allow manipulation of colours in photo editing. The life of a packaging materials professional is varied, but it's not always about the lovely trips driving around the English countryside. I also spend many hours doing special jobs on the table at work making all various types of special polythene bags up for customers. After 27 years of doing this I have learned the art of turning my mind off and daydreaming whilst listening to BBC 6 Music.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Moon Photography - Tripod Required...

I have spent the last two weeks photographing trees for my other photograhic blog project. With the full moon this week I wanted to try and get a picture of the moon with trees in the foreground to add interest to the picture. However all the articles will tell you that a tripod is needed and the picture above illustrates this perfectly. For a hand taken picture without a tripod I am pretty pleased with it, and I like the tree effect. I have been obsessed with trees for the last two weeks, so I am looking forward to tackling a new subject next week.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Canals and The Past

I took a walk down on the Kennet river at Burghfield near The Cunning Man pub, as I never need any excuse to get close to and to enjoy the tranquility of water. I would love to have been able to have walked this path a 100 years or so ago, although I doubt it has changed much. The picture was taken today, but I used a bit of editing magic to try and recreate a scene from days gone by. Over the past 12 months I have enjoyed some wonderful times close to water whether it be in Sydney, Australia or just by the Thames close to home.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

I'm Not An Early Morning Person, But...

I have never been much of an early morning person; this in spite of having to get up at 6:30 weekday mornings to be in for work for 7:30. This early start is more to do with avoiding rush hour traffic. It usually takes a couple of cups of tea and 9:00 to pass before I begin to feel wide awake and deal with another day.

Today was a slightly different scenario as we had the most brilliant autumn sunrise and mild November morning. As I approached work at Medmenham the sun was coming up and I was able to pull into a lay by on the side of the road and get this view.

I am currently dog sitting so we went straight off for a walk around the farm before starting work. The sun was slowly breaking over the trees and it was a really great time to have a stroll.

The first delivery I did was ridiculously early before 8:00, but it was only a couple of miles or so up the road out in the sticks and the view across the fields was stunning.


It was quite some first hour at work, and was a great way to set up another lovely autumn day. Time and time again I am reminded just what a fantastic part of the country I am fortunate enough to live and work in.