Monday, 30 May 2011


These days it's quite rare for wedding invites to come through my door as the vast majority of my friends have long since taken the plunge, but I was very happy to go down to old school friend Dave Smith's wedding at the weekend down in the New Forest, which is such a stunning part of the country. I always enjoy weddings as they are such happy occasions and its lovely seeing people that you care about walking down the isle and one day I still hope that I might enjoy the experience of getting married myself.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Me & The Van

Today was a long day out on the road in the company van. I spend many hours driving each week which has the great benefit meaning no two days at work are ever the same. I drove 400 miles today delivering a full load up to Manchester and then collecting from Winsford in Cheshire on the way back down.

Me and the van literally go everywhere and do thousands of miles each year. The van has had it moments over the last year especially starter motor issues, but all these problems are now behind me fingers crossed and it is running beautifully at the moment.

This month has been a busy and challenging month at work and I am hopefully going to be through the worst of the madness in the next week or so. One thing that driving the van does allow me to do is spend many hours thinking and trying to come to decisions about what direction my life could take in the future on all fronts. When I get any clear answers I'll let you know!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Back In The Saddle

A week after my self inflicted bike crash injuries I got back in the saddle today and had a gentle cycle into Reading. I can report that I did wear my bike helmet today even though it was not very comfortable. I think I might have to invest in a new hat. I have healed pretty well and think I have probably escaped without any lasting scars. Reading itself was quite interesting today as all I seemed to hear walking around was couples arguing. Was this a sign of the current stressful times in 2011 with the bleak economic situation, was it just a lot of unhappy couples out in Reading or maybe I just seemed to pick up on bickering couples today??

Saturday, 14 May 2011


Unfortunately there are the rare occasions when I slip back into my idiotic behaviour of years gone by when I enjoyed having a drink or two! In recent years I have wonderful people around me who have changed my life so much for the better and pulled me clear of all that, and I can never thank them enough. Last night I took a tumble off my bicycle in the wee small hours cycling home from a very enjoyable quiz night at the cricket club. It was true Evil Knievel stuff somersaulting over the handle bars, and yes it does feel as bad as it looks! I wasn't blind drunk, but obviously should not have been on a bike at the picture testifies... Will I ever learn my lesson???

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


I am now at the start of 3-4 weeks of mentally busy work, and so today I had a welcome visit from my mum, sister and niece. Little Anna was straight onto the forklift wanting to help Uncle Tim. I think my staffing problems could be solved with this young enthusiastic worker! Could this be the future of the business with the next generation taking over?? :o) I am sure the founder of the company will approve of this lovely picture from where ever he is supervising :o)

Monday, 2 May 2011


It's very easy to lose focus of what is important no matter how obvious it can sometimes appear. This place is somewhere that is extremely personal and special to me and which always inspires and helps me me to refocus whenever I come here. I have to remember how lucky I am, how the things that I haven't yet achieved in life are still very much achievable and also no matter how tough things get there are others who have a lot more difficult things going on in their lives, and certainly over the coming days my love and thoughts are with some people very dear to me.